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Goodness, but winter has wanted to hang on a long time!  Spring is trying very hard to displace the damp and cold of these past many months, but it has been a struggle!  Everything is as late this year as it was early last -- even the lake flies missed Mother's Day!


Spirit and Body are mysteriously mixed together in us humankind.  What happens outside of us -- even something as mundane as the weather -- effects us deeply inside.  We would like to think that we have the moxie not to give in to the cold dullness of a too-long winter world, rising above it by our spiritual stamina.  "Mind over matter," and all that.


But alas it is difficult!  Recoginzing that our physical bodies can have a huge effect on our spirits is at least a starting point to dealing with the issue.  Pretending that our health -- or the weather -- doesn't effect our emotional and spiritual moods doesn't help.  But neither should we give up on the idea that the Spirit of God within is more powerful than the weather outside.


The rising sun -- when we can see it! -- can be a daily encouragment for our souls.  So let us on the sunny days store up spiritual energy to carry us through the not-so-sunny ones!


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