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With Every Ending Comes a Beginning!

These are our last weeks of serving as your pastors!  It has been a wonderful, wonderful twenty-seven years of ministering among you and with you. What an amazing congregation you have been, are now, and will continue to be in the years to come!  We thank God for the privilege of being with you for so long.


Ralph has been compiling the eulogies that we have given through the years, over 130.  In reading these over he has been reminded of all the talented and joyful and creative and unique and caring people who have made FCC what it is today!  These portraits of FCC folk will soon be available to you, and we encourage you to read them;  Not to simply be nostalgic about the past (although it's OK to do that).  But to be thankful for all the great people who have given us so much, and challenge us to be so much more!


Grace and Peace -- and Hope to you,


- Ralph and Carol

Transition Celebrations

A mailing has recently gone out that we hope will give you all the information you need about the various upcoming Celebrations. It addresses each event, what will be happening and what still needs to be done. It also includes information about the "purse" or "fund" that will be used for gifts for Ralph & Carol, and what those gifts will be, that we know of at this point.


The Facebook page for the event is being used to get volunteers for these things, but if you don't have access to Facebook, the following will give you an update on what's being done, what things still need volunteers and who to contact to help out with this some part of this weekend of Celebrations.


We want to provide transportation for anyone needing it. Lorie Yaste-Jajicek and Becky Gratz are coordinating drivers.


There will be a small reception after the concert on Saturday night with just cookies and bars. Pat Nichols is in charge of getting volunteers for this. The Music Ministry Group will serve as hosts for this event.


There will be a larger reception after Worship service on Sunday and, while Sue Heft is supervising that, we still need someone to coordinate calls for volunteers to bring things or serve.


Dinner decorations, hosting, etc. for the Friday night dinner are being handled by Women's Fellowship, with Karen LaBorde and Jody Harrell coordinating that. They will also handle dinner reservations and totals.


The concert committee is comprised of Howard Blades, Vernice Haase and Gretchen Hermann. They could use some help, plus we are still looking for people who would like to gift Ralph & Carol with their talent.


Gifts are still being decided on by the Transition Task Force, along with the recommendation and help of others.


There will be media presentations at the dinner and during the Sunday Worship service. Those presentations are being handled by Joe Wiedenmeier, with Jody Harrell assisting. Anyone with old photographs or special memories of events should contact them to share those things.


We want to provide some kind of activity for children to do at the dinner - not childcare, but rather a hand-out of some kind or something else that will keep them entertained. We still need a volunteer for that. We are also hoping to find a non-church person for the concert and Worship service - we would be able to financially compensate that person.


If you can help with any of these things, please contact the person handling it. If you have other questions or concerns, contact our Celebrations organizer and coordinate, Pat Blades at (920) 233-7654, or by email at


Thanks so much for your help and cooperation in making this Celebration weekend something Ralph & Carol will always remember and treasure. 


For more information on our transition process, please click here.


FCC Transition Task Force


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Retirement Celebrations

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