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Another year . . . full of new days, new opportunities, new challenges.  

Some of those days will seem pretty ordinary.   The routines of life offer much-needed sameness, lest we at every moment be wondering what we should do.  Get up and shower, feed the body with food, and the soul with prayer;  some go to school, others to work, or to a place of volunteering, or exercise, or the grocery store.  So on and so forth;  Thank God for the routine.

Some of the new opportunities will look very familiar.  A chance to show grace and forgiveness;  or to learn something new, and change our thinking;  to serve someone in need, to make a small difference in the world, a big difference in one person's life.  Thank God for opportunties ahead.

And those new challenges?  Ah, some of those will not be new at all: The challenge to open our mind to a new perspective, our hearts to someone hard to love; The challenge as a society to make room for everyone at the table of plenty in our nation and world and to make the Table of the Lord open to yet more people, even those who are very different from us; The challenge to make this world a little more like what God would have it be, where the Word of the Christ born at Bethlehem becomes the Word of justice and love in more people's hearts, especially our own.  Thank God for the challenges of 2014.

So a New year begins, much like the old, but yet new.  May God show us a new way, and so bring the Reign of God's grace a little closer to our world!


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