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 Sunday Morning, September 21

9:00 Education for All

9:00 Chancel Choir

10:00  Worship for All

Confirmation Leaders & Baptism

11:00 Refreshments and Conversation


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Monday through Thursday  9 - 3






When the troubles of the world seem overwhilming . . . Fergusen, Missouri, the Sudan, Iraq and Syria and Libya . . . Gaza and Afghanistan . . . ebola . . . ISIS, Boka Haram . . .


What does a person of faith -- who believes in a God who longs for justice for all, and commands that we partner with that God to bring peace through justice -- what does a person of faith do, and perhaps better, what do we feel in our hearts?


My default feeling - and I dare say for many these days -  is that of discouragement, sometimes even despair.


But then comes that Voice again, that silent, strong Voice of Jesus, across the centuries through untold times of despair for the human race.  And that Voice says, "Be of good courage!  Do not lose hope!  For I am still with you."


William Sloan Coffin once said, "Despair is not an option for Christians."  Meaning, I think, that given the base assertion of our faith -- that God was among us in Jesus, and is with us in the Spirit calling us to hope and to work -- then we cannot give up.  Not for long any way.


That may be the main reason we gather Sunday by Sunday, for worship and for fellowship.  To tell each other, "Don't give up, friend.  God hasn't, and neither can we."




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