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Hooray for Spring!


A joy of winter -- especially for those of us who don't get into winter sports -- is the coming of spring.  This winter was a cold one . . . and not very snowy.  (I didn't even get to crank up my brandnew Ariens snowthrower!)   But I am glad to see it end.  The daffodils are in bloom, with tulips soon to follow, and it's time to clean up the yard.  How can you not like such things?


I'm not sure how folks do it, say, in San Diego where every day is 75 and sunny.   But I need an annual show-and-tell, lived-in metaphor for new life, new hope, regeneration of body and soul and spirit.  I need SPRING!  And now we have it.   Now, again, we see and touch and feel what the promise of Easter is all about!   Now Resurrection is over and under and through us!   


Thank God!  


Grace and Peace -- and Hope to you,


- Ralph

Pastoral Transition Info

Questions, Concerns​ about the Transition Process?​

We recently told you about the Transition Task Force and Search Committee’s work to find an Interim pastor or pastors to serve once Ralph and Carol retire. In that message we asked you to contact the church office if you had questions and said you would be directed to the persons best suited to help you. But, we thought it might be best to direct you to a member of the Transition Task Force who have the most current and updated information about what is happening.  


So, rather than calling the office, ​during this transition period about these questions and concerns, we want to make it easier for you to talk to someone right away or get your questions answered in as timely a manner as possible. So starting April 15 someone from the Transition Task Force will be available at church each Wednesday afternoon from 1 to 3 pm at church to talk about the transition process and explain what’s happening.


If you have questions or concerns, or just want ​reassurance that we have the church’s best interests in mind during this process, please stop by the church during those times. If this time period doesn’t work with your schedule please contact FCC Moderator Cathy Wille at (920) 727-1899, or by email at; or Task Force member Dennis Kavanaugh at (920) 231-3397, or by email at Thanks so much for your help and cooperation in making this transition process easier.


For more information on our transition process, please click here.



FCC Transition Task Force



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