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Every Year is a Transitional Year!

With our announcement that we will be retiring this fall, we've all been talking a lot about "change" and "transition."  And it is true that this will be a change for us all, one that offers us opportunities for both anxiety and excitement, often at the very same moment!  


But it is also true that we are always in transition.  Not in such an obvious, public way.  But we as a congregation are evolving day by day, week by week.  Long time members pass away, or move away, as brand new people appear almost every Sunday, many of them soon to become integral pmembers of this "body of Christ."  We are indeed a living, breathing organism.


Let us welcome that continual transition from who we are now to who God is calling us to be in the future!  Let us embrace the opportunities before us to become even stronger in Christ, and more faithful to the mission to which that Christ calls us!  


This is not always easy, of course.  But it is the way of Christ before us now.  


Grace and Peace to you!


-- Ralph and Carol


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