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“Seasons of our Lives”


I have just returned from a week at Moon Beach, one of our UCC Church Camps in St. Germain, WI.  What a wonderful opportunity to spend time in nature, as we hiked along lakes, toured over boardwalks through bogs and spent time in the woods.  I once again became aware of the changes that take place as we move from season to the next, which those of us in Wisconsin are so privileged to experience.  We saw squirrels storing up for the winter; loons gathering to make their journey to the Gulf of Mexico; the tamarack trees changing to their lovely golden winter color; other trees taking on their reds, oranges, browns and yellows; and of course the days becoming shorter and the evening temperatures getting cooler.  I am reminded that, we as humans, are not set apart from these amazing transitions (especially because we were attending a Baby Boomers Camp as opposed to a youth camp or family camp).  Neither are human institutions immune from these changes.  May we, as a church welcoming an interim pastor (Jack Seville), like the animals and the plants, prepare ourselves for a transition time to welcome the hope of a new beginning in the months ahead.  


Cathy Wille

Moderator FCC

Interim Pastor Focal Points

Transitional Ministry Today: Successful Strategies for Churches and Pastors


     The Interim Selection Committee is so pleased that Rev. Jack Seville accepted our invitation to serve as interim pastor. Our hope is as we learn to know him we will appreciate his many gifts, talents and welcoming personality. As we anticipate his start-up on October 12, the Interim Selection Committee would like to share with you the Focus Points we have identified that will guide our time together with Jack.


Those Focus Points are as follows:


Heritage Remember, recognize & articulate the defining stories of the community of faith


Mission The mission focus invites the congregation to address the ways its core values and

processes can be productively and naturally extended into the future


Connections Discovering all the relationships a faith community builds outside of itself. Who is our neighbor?


Leadership Reviewing the membership needs and its ways of organizing and developing new and effective leadership.


Future The mandate is not for change per se, but for an ongoing and future-oriented expression

of the congregation's core values, re-vision of the congregation's historic purpose, re-interpreted and updated in light of current realities and circumstances, probably results not in a wholly "new direction' so much as a faithful response to a revitalized sense of mission.


I would like to personally thank the Interim Selection Committee for their time and commitment to that they gave to this important process: Zoe Bossert, Mike Ford, Rebecca Robe, Len Tews and Stan Ziblut. The committee would like to thank the congregation for their prayers, patience, trust and support for them as they discerned who it is that will lead us for the next 12-18 months. FCC congregation members and friends  are a blessing to each other, to the community, and beyond.


In Christ,

Cathy Wille, Moderator


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 Settled Pastor Search:

At its October 1, 2015 Ministry Council meeting, members agreed upon the guidelines and nomination process for the Settled Pastor Search Committee.  The task of the Settled Pastor Search Committee is ultimately to recommend the next pastor(s) for our church to the congregation.  Members of FCC may self-nominate or may nominate another member.  Nominations will be accepted through November 15, 2015.    Please click here for the guidelines packet which includes an overview of the guidelines, a nomination form, a job description, and the 5 commitments required for this service.  Hard copies will be available on the bulletin board in the Narthex.  Submitted by - Lorie Yaste-Zajicek, Moderator-Elect.




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